Enhance the state’s cyber defenses

StealthMole supports governments in their duty to strengthen national security. With our suite of intelligence products, governments are far more empowered to detect and respond to threats that put the nation’s assets and safety at risk.
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Understanding the challenges of Governments

  • State-Sponsored Attacks: Governments face the constant threat of sophisticated cyberattacks orchestrated by state-sponsored actors seeking to compromise sensitive information, disrupt services, or undermine national security.

  • Data Breaches and Information Leaks: The government sector handles vast amounts of sensitive data, making it a prime target for data breaches and information leaks, potentially leading to identity theft, espionage, or compromising the privacy of citizens.

  • Targeted Threats and Cyber Espionage: Government agencies often face targeted threats aimed at accessing classified information, disrupting critical infrastructure, or conducting cyber espionage activities, which require advanced defense mechanisms and intelligence capabilities to detect and mitigate.

Use cases

Threat Monitoring

With real-time monitoring capabilities, governments can use StealthMole to expand and strengthen their capacity to surveil threats targeting government systems, infrastructure, and sensitive data.

Dark Web Monitoring

Continuous threat Monitoring

Automate monitoring of various data sources to detect potential state-targeted threats, including indicators of compromise, data breaches, or emerging vulnerabilities.

Automated Threat Analysis

Utilize automation and machine learning algorithms to analyze large volumes of data and extract relevant threat information

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Darkweb Tracker

Threat actor identification

Extract threat actor information from the dark web using StealthMole’s investigative tools

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Data Breach Detection

StealthMole enables governments to protect critical data and infrastructure by alerting them  to the first signs that a data breach has occurred.

Leaked Data Monitoring

Data breach alert feed

Cut through the noise of threat alerts and zero in solely on data breach incidents

Real-time alerts

Receive real-time notifications when relevant data breaches are detected on the dark web, enabling quick response.

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Compromised Data Set

Detailed credential Leak information

Track and shut down the source of credential leaks with device details provided by StealthMole

Real-time alerts

Receive real-time notifications when credential leaks are detected, enabling quick response

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Risk Assessment

Governments can use StealthMole to conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities, strengthen security measures, and safeguard government operations and assets.

Credential Lookout

Leaked credential search

Evaluate digital risk by checking the number of leaked credentials across government systems and agencies

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Enhance security posture

Identify vulnerabilities, implement necessary security controls, and proactively address weaknesses in systems and infrastructure

Discover threats in real-time

Stay ahead of cybercriminal activities with real-time awareness of emerging threats

Respond with speed

Armed with the right intelligence, respond swiftly and effectively to potential cybersecurity risks

Secure data

Take swift action to secure leaked data, preventing further unauthorized access, data loss, and reputational damage associated with data breaches

December 13, 2023

Telegram: A New Channel for Fraud and Cybercrime

In recent years, Telegram has emerged as a new tool for cybercrime. Taking advantage of its privacy and encryption features, threat actors now use the platform to carry out scams, fraudulent activities, and other illicit cyber activities. In this article, we look at how and why Telegram has transitioned from a secure messaging app to a hub for crime, the illegal activities that it hosts, and the implications of these on cybersecurity practices.

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November 21, 2023

Combo Lists: The Criminal’s Key for Cyber Attacks

Combo lists have emerged as a formidable tool in the arsenal of cybercriminals. These extensive compilations of stolen usernames and passwords serve as the backbone for a range of cyber attacks, notably credential theft and account breaches. This article delves into the intricate world of combo lists, unraveling how they are created and used in the ever-evolving landscape of cybercrime.

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Dark Web Investigations
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