Telegram Tracker

Uncover and investigate threats on Telegram

Get critical access to Telegram’s fast-growing cybercrime ecosystem

With data from chat logs, groups and channels on Telegram, StealthMole enables investigators to uncover actionable intelligence on intranational or cross-border criminal activity, such as illegal trades, financial fraud, stolen credentials, and more.
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Your insight into Telegram’s cyber threat communities

Locate drug dealers

Uncover various Telegram channels and groups engaged in the sale of illegal drugs

Track PII and data leaks

Start profiling cybercriminals selling and trading stolen credentials and other Personal Identifying Information (PII) across Telegram’s network

Investigate credit card scams

Analyze credit card scam operations by tracking suspects and fraudulent activities within Telegram

Telegram Tracker in action


Expand your coverage

Comprehensively investigate threats and criminal activities across public and private groups, channels, and chat logs on Telegram

Gather data with precision

Effectively refine search results using specific keywords and a wide array of filters and search operators

Capture key information

Highlight identifiable data from Telegram chat logs and user activity to aid investigations

Uncover critical insights

Map out key interactions and associations between users and groups across the Telegram network

Key Capabilities

Privacy-preserved Telegram OSINT for investigations

Advanced search and filtering tools

Relational analysis

Media and historical data retrieval

User profiling and activity tracking

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Complete your digital investigation

Expand you investigation to the dark web with StealthMole’s threat intelligence platform

From Telegram to the dark web

Unearth the complete scope of criminal activities by extending your investigations to the dark web with StealthMole’s Darkweb Tracker.
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