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Darkweb Tracker

A deep and dark web intelligence platform, Darkweb Tracker is the complete digital forensics tool for investigators. Look up threat information, trace relations between data, and visualize the investigation on an easy-to-use canvas.

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Credential Protection

Detect and identify account credentials that have been leaked into the dark web as a result of breach incidents. Swiftly take action to address vulnerabilities within the organization.

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Dark Web Monitoring

Track and list down organizations whose data has been breached and leaked onto the deep and dark web. With 24/7 surveillance, act on any relevant leaks with efficiency and accuracy.

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Our platform provides competitive deep and dark web intelligence that is updated to detect new threats in the hidden web faster than anyone else

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Reduce Time and Cost

By consolidating data from multiple sources onto a single platform, Darkweb Tracker streamlines the investigation process and allows investigators to quickly identify suspicious activities, saving valuable time and resources.

Mitigate Risk

With ransomware attacks projected to cause up to $265 billion in damages by 2023, implementing Darkweb Tracker is a proactive step that organizations can take to prepare themselves to mitigate that risk and protect their valuable assets and data from malicious actors.

Get Data at a Glance

Node setup and link analysis are easily visualized in Darkweb Tracker's canvas, giving investigators an quick and comprehensive view of the data collected

Secure Dark Web Visibility

Darkweb Tracker covers a wide range of the deep & dark web and has more than 200 billion records of analyzed data that are updated constantly.

Use Cases

Law Enforcement Agencies

StealthMole provides Law Enforcement Agencies with powerful tools necessary to efficiently and effectively gather insights on criminal activities, investigate cybercrimes, and identify potential threats. Using the platform, LEAs can automate a significant amount of their investigation efforts, saving valuable time and resources and enhancing their capacity to protect and save lives.


StealthMole provides governments with advanced cybersecurity and threat intelligence services to protect their critical infrastructure and sensitive data. Our solutions help government agencies stay ahead of emerging threats and maintain the security and integrity of their digital systems.


Enterprises and companies use StealthMole to monitor cyberattacks, protect business assets, and manage risks from external threats.