Darkweb Tracker

Gain unparalleled visibility into the depths of the deep and dark web

The Darkweb Tracker is StealthMole’s comprehensive deep and dark web intelligence platform. Utilizing the most advanced AI-technology and OSINT techniques, our platform seamlessly collects and categorizes data from various open and hidden sources across the web, allowing users to easily access and analyze data and then draw critical insights.  
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Web intelligence made simple

The Darkweb Tracker is an intuitive platform that enables users to conduct in-depth web investigations in just a few clicks

Our platform provides competitive deep and dark web intelligence that is updated to detect new threats in the hidden web faster than anyone else

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Breached account data
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Key Features

Comprehensive Data Collection

Covers wide range of open and closed sources such as hacker forums, black markets, leak blogs, and criminal sites

Advanced Search Filters

Filters data with 52 search indicators including network, personal information, crypto wallets, files and other open source intelligences

Data Canvas

Visualizes connections, patterns and trends between data points for easy analysis

Darkweb Map

Conveniently shows world map display of data containing IP addresses or GPS information

Accumulated Historical Snapshots

Stores dark web snapshots, ensuring comprehensive visibility and facilitating historical analysis for enhanced investigations

API Integration

Integrates with your security stack to enhance performance

Use cases

Digital Investigation

Digital forensics and criminal investigation are complex fields that require powerful tools to uncover and analyze the vast amount of data available online. The Darkweb Tracker enables investigators to collect comprehensive and up-to-date information from dark and deep web markets in real-time.

Key Capabilities

Comprehensive dark web coverage

The Darkweb Tracker covers multiple open and hidden sources, including invite-only and limited access forums and markets in the deep and dark web

Real-time monitoring and data collection

The Darkweb Tracker constantly crawls and updates data in real-time, ensuring relevance of information

Advanced data filtering

Speed up and automate the investigation with the Darkweb Tracker’s advanced search and filtering capabilities

Geolocation view

Visualize and geographically map data points using GPS information or IP addresses

Link analysis

Investigators can easily trace connections, patterns and trends between data using the data canvas

Threat Monitoring

With the number of cyberattacks growing daily, organizations need full visibility of the threats and risks they face.  The Darkweb Tracker provides visibility of hacker forums, black markets and leak blogs, enabling threat hunting teams to detect and address cyber threats with ease.

Key Capabilities

Comprehensive dark web coverage

The Darkweb Tracker covers multiple open and hidden sources, including invite-only and limited access forums and markets in the dark web

Continuous dark web monitoring

Refer to the most updated information as Darkweb Tracker is constantly updated, providing organizations with the latest insights to support proactive threat hunting and mitigation efforts.

Keyword monitoring

Receive alerts when organization-specific or threat-related keywords are detected on the dark web

Risk Assessment

As cybercrime continues to thrive, being able to identify and assess potential risks is crucial for the security of any organization. The Darkweb Tracker allows users to check the exposure of their assets to the dark web and to better understand their threat landscape so that necessary measures can be taken.

Key Capabilities

Continuous dark web monitoring

Data is constantly crawled and updated in real-time, providing organizations with up-to-date insights to support proactive threat hunting and mitigation efforts.

Data breach monitoring

The Darkweb Tracker picks up indicators of data breach incidents, enabling organizations to assess potential risk to their data

Detailed information

Users can refer to the detailed information provided in order to gain a better understanding of threat actors and their capabilities, tactics, and potential attacks.


The Darkweb Tracker serves as a valuable tool for Law Enforcement Agencies to gather insights on criminal activities, investigate cybercrimes, and identify potential threats. Using the platform, LEAs can monitor illegal activities on the dark web, crack down on cybercriminals, and enhance their capabilities for digital investigations and criminal profiling.

With the capacity to monitor and analyze activity in the dark web, the Darkweb Tracker helps governments enhance national security. Using the platform enables them to identify potential threats, gather intelligence on malicious actors, and take proactive measures to protect critical infrastructure, combat cybercrime, and safeguard national interests.

By leveraging comprehensive monitoring and analysis of the deep and dark web, enterprises can use the Darkweb Tracker to proactively detect potential threats and gain insights into emerging cybercriminal tactics. This then empowers them to take proactive measures, respond swiftly to incidents, and fortify their defenses against cyber threats, ultimately protecting their assets, reputation, and customer trust.

The Darkweb Tracker can provide valuable insights into cybercriminal networks, terrorist organizations, and the sale of illegal weapons or sensitive information, helping military agencies enhance their situational awareness and support strategic decision-making.

Supporting cybersecurity research, the Darkweb Tracker provides insights into emerging trends, discussions, and publications within specialized research fields present on the dark web. By monitoring these sources, academic institutions can gain valuable knowledge, identify potential collaborations, and stay informed about cutting-edge research happening beyond traditional channels.