Dark Web Monitoring

Relevant threat information delivered in real-time

StealthMole’s incident monitoring modules provide a continuous stream of real-time data on threats and security incidents posted on the dark web. Powered by our advanced, AI-driven web crawling technology, our incident monitoring modules alert users to the first signs of ransomware attacks, data breaches, or state-targeted cyber threats.
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StealthMole's Dark Web Monitoring Modules

Incident alert feeds tailored to different needs

How it works


Systematically scans forums, marketplaces, data dumps, and other sources known for hosting malicious activities or containing indicators of potential security incidents.


Intelligently analyzes the collected data, considering various factors such as keywords, file types, contextual information, and metadata to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of the threat detection process


Posts relevant information onto data feed to ensure swift response and mitigation

Key Features

Comprehensive Data Collection

Covers a wide range of open and closed sources such as hacker forums, black markets, leak blogs, and criminal sites

Real-time Alerts

Sends customized real-time notifications whenever relevant incidents are detected

Module Expansion

Works together with other StealthMole modules, further enhancing threat investigation capabilities

Data Canvas

Visualizes connections, patterns and trends between data points for easy analysis

API Integration

Integrates with your security stack to enhance performance

Use cases

Threat Detection and Response

Dark web monitoring alert feeds are crucial for detecting and responding to security incidents promptly. By utilizing StealthMole’s dark web monitoring feeds into security systems, organizations can identify and analyze security events in real-time, enabling timely incident response and mitigation

Compliance and Reporting

Dark web monitoring data feeds play a vital role in compliance monitoring and reporting. Organizations can leverage StealthMole data feeds to track and document security incidents, demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Analysis

Dark web monitoring data feeds are used by SOC teams to monitor and analyze security incidents. SOC analysts leverage this data to investigate incidents, perform root cause analysis, and develop response strategies to mitigate ongoing and potential threats.


Law Enforcement Agencies can leverage StealthMole’s dark web monitoring modules to enhance their capabilities in identifying and tracking cybercriminal activities. By receiving real-time alerts and accessing comprehensive threat intelligence, they can stay ahead of emerging threats, gather evidence for investigations, and collaborate with other agencies to combat cybercrime effectively.

For enterprises, falling victim to data breaches, ransomware attacks, or other types of security incidents means disruption to operations, financial losses, and reputational damage. StealthMole’s dark web monitoring modules equip enterprises with the tools to identify and detect such threats early on and take proactive measures before any significant damage can be dealt.

Understanding the threat landscape is critical for governments, as they are constantly targeted by cyber criminals and malicious actors. StealthMole’s dark web incident monitoring modules allow governments to gain a clear view of both the wider threat landscape as well as highly-specific risks that directly endanger national security.