Combo Binder

Identify credentials leaked as combo lists

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Combo Binder

Detect credentials leaked as combo lists on the dark web

Scanning through hacker forums, telegram channels, and other sites frequented by cybercriminals, the Combo Binder detects and identifies stolen user credentials that have been aggregated and distributed on the dark web as combo lists.

Provided information:

  • Leaked username
  • Leaked password
  • Leak date

Key Features

Comprehensive Data Collection

Covers a wide range of open and closed sources such as hacker forums, black markets, leak blogs, and criminal sites

Export Function

Converts module data into a downloadable excel file

Module Expansion

Works together with other StealthMole modules, further enhancing threat investigation capabilities

Data Canvas

Visualizes connections, patterns and trends between data points for easy analysis

API Integration

Integrates with your security stack to enhance performance

Use Cases

End User Protection

With Combo Binder and Credential Lookout, organizations can prioritize end user protection by actively monitoring stolen credentials on the dark web. By promptly identifying compromised accounts, organizations can proactively notify and guide affected users to change their passwords, implement additional security measures, and safeguard their personal information.

Risk Assessment

The Credential Lookout and Combo Binder modules play a crucial role in risk assessment by providing organizations with insights into the extent of exposed credentials within their networks. By analyzing the data from database breaches and leak incidents, organizations can assess the potential impact, prioritize risk mitigation efforts, and implement appropriate security measures.

Digital Investigation

For investigations and suspect hunting, the Credential Lookout and Combo Binder modules prove invaluable. Law enforcement agencies, cybersecurity teams, and fraud investigators can leverage the module to identify exposed credentials associated with known suspects or threat actors. By tracking and monitoring their activities, investigators can gain valuable intelligence to build cases, uncover criminal networks, and take legal action against those involved in illicit activities.


Credential Lookout and Combo Binder are invaluable for law enforcement agencies in their investigations and efforts to combat cybercrime. Detecting and identifying exposed credentials associated with known suspects or threat actors allows law enforcement to gather evidence, track criminal activities, and build cases against individuals involved in illicit activities. By leveraging this module, law enforcement agencies can uncover hidden criminal networks, prevent future cyberattacks, and contribute to a safer digital environment

Governments can use Combo Binder and Credential Lookout to detect exposed credentials of government employees or officials, monitor potential threats to government systems, and take necessary actions to mitigate risks. By proactively identifying compromised credentials, governments can prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and potential disruptions to critical infrastructure.

Enterprises face the challenge of safeguarding their employees' and customers' credentials from being exposed on the dark web. By swiftly identifying these using the Combo Binder and Credential Lookout modules, enterprises can take immediate action to secure accounts, enforce password changes, implement additional security measures, and prevent unauthorized access.